jack energy

Run on the road



Catch A Quick Shot Of My Face
Through A Black Thunderbird
Rear Window In Rain


Rain mist and the smell of new tires
"Raindrops keep falling on my head"
This song's tonal sigh ending
is a slowed shaking beach towel
dry off the line in early evening

Hot pavement and fresh paint
Out of the bright gray-orange warmth
and into the cold Big Bear grocery
with my Mom
I want a brown rubber-headed toy Indian drum!
Icecream snowmen on a stick or Orange Push-Ups
Exit towards the beach heat past a turnable rack
of large thick plastic framed sunglasses of many colors
Smoking grills and recently mowed lawns
Pooh birthday parties in the back yard
Water fights and Slicky Slides
Water hose down the back of a neighboor's swim suit
Run on the road
Waxy Kiss cards' gum and footlong hot dogs after ballgames
Bicentennial parades boil by the cemetery
Pacifier candy and soft salty pretzels by the public pool
Let's go build a fort!


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