jack energy

"Surprise, you're alive!"


A Liquid Blue Mirror
Just Fell Off Your Lips


You were standing in my living room at a party and you were in a 

Slow Motion Movement caving in to your own laughter. Your hair was
wavy and 'up' , sort of early '60's. The hair and your pure skin glow made
you look like a young Sally Fields. Your eyes said to us, "Surprise, you're alive!"
A small blue mirror appeared suddenly then melted and leaped from your mouth.
I saw it! I guess everybody here was feeling the same.
As I got up from the couch I noticed that every dark edge and corner
was becoming a Rainbow Flash Asterisk. An unbelievable connecting
musical score was subtly flowing past my ears as Paul and I followed you
into the humid, moonlit backyard. Paul looked up with one eye sort of
raised, lips turned down snuggly around a fresh cigarette. He directed a
peaceful nod at me just before he lit it. In the brief orange flash of his
lighter I turned slightly and looked at you. You were still smiling, eyes
falling closed and you were mouthing a very long, "Oh Wow!!!"
Nodding rhythmically you said, "I am feeling the size and speed of
Jets in my Head Space. God... God..."
"Cool", I said in a lower tone and more drawn out.
"Give me some more of that", said Paul as he subtly brought
attention to himself by waving his hands and flexing his fingers in front of
his face.
You said, "Ooohhh, the moon looks really cool."


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